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OCTOBER IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH --- Join us October 5, 2016 for the second Annual Candlelight Vigil at Rally Point in downtown Sturgis. 

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"There are more shelters for animals and more funding than for victims of abuse in the United States and this has to change," said Brenda Hill, South Dakota Coalition for Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence during the candlelight vigil at Rally Point on Thursday, Oct. 1.
Between 2001 and 2013, 2,014 U.S. Soldiers were killed in action in Afghanistan, while during that same time period, approximately 13,140 women in the United States were murdered by their batterer. Most were murdered while escaping their batterer or after they left. They asked for help an average of five to sevent times before they were murdered.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and this candlelight vigil was aimed to educate residents on the dangers of domestic violence.
Julie Phillips, director of services at the Sturgis Crisis Center, talked about the clothesline project; This is the first time it was ever done in Sturgis. It started in Cape Cod, Mass., and was to increase awareness of domestic violence in the community. Survivors who have been in domestic violence situations are asked to express their experience on a T-shirt. The Silence Witnesses, red statues, were placed around Rally Point. The represent people who have died in the hands of domestic violence acts.
Every 9 seconds in the United States a women is a victim of domestic violence, said Tammie Brock. October is a time to mourn, celebrate and connect.

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100 percent of the proceeds generated by My CISSter’s Closet go back to CISS to assist more than 300 women and children fleeing from domestic and sexual violence who use our services every year.

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Domestic and sexual violence isn't a seasonal issue, which is why our year-round fund drive is so important. Devote an afternoon to Crisis Intervention Shelter Service, Inc. and see first-hand the families we help daily.

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